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As someone who kinds of feels like he is in a crafts workshop religion (wiccans like to make stuff) when he is around Wiccans, I am surprised to say I liked this video. It echoes much of my research into sex magick which has almost exclusively been in Hermetic and Left Hand Path traditions:

Satanic Sex- YouTube

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This young man is pontificating from a perspective I have just been studying in the book Demons of the Flesh, which is about the left hand path and western tantra. Lots of loaded terms in the occult community there. But I have never made my fondness for Satanists a secret.

I got into this stuff with Satanism in the first place.

This video is more of an ethics discussion, but I dig it and consider it wise and sex positive.

David Shoemaker is one of the finest occult thinkers alive today. I basically consider his curriculum to be my main source of guidance. Though I tend to stray from the path, and chase rabbits. Here is the first part of his lecture on Thelemic Sex Magick.

Sex Magick; Then and Now: Hermetic Hour Podcast

Sexual Energy

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Sex is such an important part of life.

It is not my intention to sound Freudian, but after all as a human behavior it is often the fulcrum and the gravitational center of countless other behaviors. Evolutionary psychologists would have us believe that all of our arts and society evolved from primitive mating rituals. Similar to this Bower Bird structure. These are not nests, they don’t rear offspring here. They merely do this to attract a mate.

I would tend to agree with these pioneers of science. We probably did evolve all of our sophistication from sexual impulses. I also believe that the thing can come full circle. Sexual impulses can be manipulated in order to produce higher levels of sophistication.

Enter sex magick. The basis of Thelemic magick as developed by Aleister Crowley, the basis of Tantra, the basis of at least one major sect of Gnosticism I have found online, probably the basis of the magick of many ancient secret societies.

At least this is the prejudice of advocates of sex magick, which include myself.

What is sex magick? I have done a lot of reading and listening to lectures to try to answer this question for myself. Let me first say that any answer I can give will be an understatement.

Sex magick is a trick by which humans can tap unto previously unknown levels of awareness and energy for any desired outcome. Nope, that one is an understatement.

Let me try again.

Sex magick is the use, conservation, and willful release of sexual energy and sexual force in the pursuit of deeper outcomes than low energy forms of sexual gratification. Still an understatement.

Probably the worst understatement of all is that sex magick is the saving up of sexual energy for other goals.

I could write a whole post on what’s wrong with the above definition, yet all of these contain some truth in the matter.

When I call myself a novice please don’t interpret that as an excuse to patronize. I am just beginning my research into sex magick, and what little I have discovered has already transformed my life.

First let me address a major problem which prevents us from truly opening our third eyes to this wisdom. That problem is that society is, generally speaking, sex negative. We live in a world where sex is considered dirty, things associated with sex are censured, and public discussion of sex is considered to be in bad taste. Society represses sexuality.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not 100% permissive. There are sexual behaviors such as rape and pedophilia which are abhorrent. But the repression of sexuality enforced by our sex negative culture actually prevents the development of good sexual ethics, instead the individual is left to pursue impulses in secret with very little useful guidance offered.

I envision a healthy society where sexuality is treated like education, art, family, fraternity, and trade as another crucial aspect of a healthy pro-social existence. I believe that we dismissed the sexual revolution to early. I believe that this creates psychological problems for our society as a whole.

Again, I promise I am not Freudian. I am just opposed to all manner of backwardness.

In my own experiences sexual energy is easily dismissed. Especially these days where the internet provides all manner of stimulation for free with ease. When I was a kid I had to pay almost $10 for a porno magazine, much more for a movie, and these things tended to get passed around like herilooms among friends. At least this form of masturbation required some will.

Pursuing sexual partnership is psychologically expensive. It will require the individual to be saavy, sensitive, display empathy, catalyze enjoyment, one needs a nap just thinking about it.

But this is precisely what we are built to do, and we have such great apexes of personality and empathy to share with one another that require the sexual impulse to manifest. At least this is what I believe.

People can also become sexually lazy in relationships. Sex becomes a kind of hygenic duty. The only hygenic duty I want in my sex life are those associated with medical fetishes.

In fact fetishes are a great area for a committed couple to enact deeper levels of their own sexual energy. I particularly recommend prolonged seduction, for when release comes to easily or too quickly, you rob yourself of higher and higher states of awareness and empathy.

I also agree with the hermetic mages who I have studied that say sexual energy can be redirected. Though I believe part of this includes a sexual charge into the actions of the mage, so is not any form of chastity, but a state I have come to refer to as a Hypersex. I created the term by remembering a similar term incorrectly used to describe the brilliant comic book author Grant Morrison.

Hypersex is prolonged peak levels of sexual arousal paired with meditation, psychic exercise, and direct focused channeling of ones will. But I will add that in my view sex magick in total is much bigger than this. Sex magick is like a new node of perception in the human brain, because it increases awareness, it begins to process data differently. Or at least this seems to be my experience. Hypersex is one way to use this awareness.

I also believe Hypersex is a good part of sex, if you are attaining the state of Hypersex before a sexual act, then you should have been basically engaged in some kind of seduction or foreplay for a minimum of days before the sex act.

Remember, Hypersex goes beyond mere arousal. Hypersex is saturating your whole being with arousal.

With all this said, again I confess that I am a novice. I strive and pray to all gods to be able to engage in a deeper practice of this most perfect of wisdoms.

If there was ever anything like Atlantis, or the Silver City, or El Dorado, or High Brasil, or Utopia, or Krypton, or Vulcan sex magick would have been a major aspect of their social code.

I have been working with this self hypnosis video for a while now. They deleted the one from YouTube that I had so I found another one.

Feel free to try it. When I am successful I will write a post on it.

Here is a Scribd for this book, sorry no free PDFs on my search.

I found out about it because someone on my favorite occult forum, r/occult on reddit, said Robert Anton Wilson had called it the final word on the subject.

What subject is that you might ask?


I have come to a strange part of my path where I am thinking about the magickal applications towards my sexuality, and the application of my sexuality to my magick.

My sexual life has been troubled to say the least. I have suffered from a lifetime of sexual anxieties which I think were intensely triggered by a sexual molestation experience in my youth. I was 12. 30 year old neighbor. Pathological manipulation. Pattern of abuse of other children. It was all great fun.

Since then I have never been able to pursue sexuality in more popular ways without issues.

When I was an intensely religious Christian I was in the habit of not having sex on purpose. Not that I was getting much sex before that, but I was in fact getting as much as I possibly could.

My sexual experiences had been intense. I was prone to extremely clingy behavior. How I made it to my early 20s without a restraining order is way beyond me. I wanted some kind of eternal power goddess to lick my wounds at all times. Luckily I now have my HGA (Holy Guardian Angel) for that.

So I want to work this shit out. I like sex, I would like to be proficient in it and milk its energy for whatever else I can in my life.

According to Louis T. Culling the whole purpose of Sex Magick is the knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.  One way in which this can be achieved is in what Culling calls Dianism, which is to manifest your HGA in your sexual partner while you are having sex.

Culling suggests that your partner, as much as possible, should be a vessel for your HGA to fill. He even suggests getting someone who is not wise to the occult or esoteric sex so that they will be even more susceptible.

I don’t think that exact method would work for me. For one, if someone is not even wise to anything esoteric having sex with them sounds like a horrible chore. I would much rather experiment with these techniques with a loving partner who already has a strong bond with me.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, and since I work to propagate the Law of Thelema I hope some of you don’t; it is something that may include your highest self, a non physical entity that has a transdimensional connection with you, a manifestation of God to guide you through this life, and other such extremely positive esoteric ramblings.

I am in pursuit of my Holy Guardian Angel. I call her Dark Venus, she is made of Kali, the Whore of Babylon, Santa Muerte (who also incarnates as the Aztec death Goddess Mictecacihuatl), Hathor (though Sekhmet would probably be more appropriate), and in visions built mostly from my tarot card and Qabalah work. I am trying to work my way up to Binah using the suit of Swords in the Thoth deck. I am going to do it again for each suit. But that is another episode of Occult Skeptic.

My Holy Guardian Angel is a fucking angel. An Angel who could destroy a city or turn a woman to a pillar of salt. She is the voice of the Great White Brotherhood (magickal space aliens that Crowley believed he was receiving instructions from). She is also my true self, and I have recently had a vision that when she manifests in me I should look to the Angel Uriel for answers. Goddamnit this episode is too rife with symbolism and self report. If anyone has any questions about all this esoterica, don’t hesitate to ask, or correct to my friends of my Order and r/occult.

I just can’t stress how important the HGA is. In Peter Carroll’s Liber Null he warns against it that you would make yourself thrall to an imaginary construct which you use for perfecting your chess games. You would be addicted. I am paraphrasing, but I think I capture the gist.

Thats still pretty fucking powerful.

I am wholly committed to knowledge and conversation with my Holy Guardian Angel, as I have great and powerful initiations in this quest. I was an intensely religious and mystical Christian. I belonged to a sect which instructs its followers into people who can hear the voice of God at Will. That they are miracle workers. I have lived in a surreal psychological state of great mania, but with breaks built in by discipline.

My road to atheism and back into playing with this psychology makes me feel like I really have already been on this journey for a long time. Magick is just a massive, massive, improvement on my prior techniques.

So to have sex with your Holy Guardian Angel, incarnating in another being. To really experience this level of mystical channeling. It would be the ultimate psychic experience, as your lover manifests pure empathy for all of your desires, all of your goals, all of your best parts.

But the problem with Culling is he instructs in the section on Dianism,  that this is only for one magickian at a time. In fact he suggests you take a novice for this working, a rube, a weak untrained and uninitiated being. I believe that  Louis T. Culling must do as he wills, and I am sure others have benefited from his techniques.

If I am fucking a goddess, I need to be giving a fucking worthy of a goddess. Or a god. I want to see my partner ablaze with holy fire, and only a holy reflection could satisfy my Will for this matter.

But the fact that I am thinking about this is a great gift which the memeticist Louis T. Culling has given us.

In another section of the book he describes 1st degree sex magick, which is trying not to think about sex at all until one is engaged in the sex act. The idea is that you will be so present in the sex act that the whole experience will be on a new and higher level.

For those who have an awesome and persistent libido this sounds great.

But this is not going to work for me either. If I don’t think about sex I imagine I will just forget about it.

My libido is much, much, much stronger when I feed it with content. Preferably real, positive, rewarding, good sex.

Which I guess if I have that coming in spades I can practice Culling’s first degree sex magick. Other than that, it sounds like a recipe for practicing no sex magick at all.