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  1. nickargyle says:

    I love this blog. Just wanted you to know that. I am a skeptic myself, but am also in training to be the high priest of a pagan organization. I also love studying Thelema and Ceremonial Magic, so a lot of what you are saying rings true. Keep up the great work (no pun intended (;).

  2. LoLgical Nihilism says:

    just to let you know, i’m sure you’ve noticed that murderd2death got taken down. This is one of our new blogs. I remember we corresponded a bit, and wordpress is really new to me and i don’t know how to email you šŸ˜› Hope your journey is still going well.

  3. Pop-gun says:


    I really enjoy your blog and was curious about your system for weight loss and working the emanations.

    You lose a certain amount of weight to get to the next sephirot? Could you elaborate a little for clarity, in case others would like try your system. šŸ™‚


    • mindcore says:

      Pop-Gun, I am assuming you are talking about my post here: https://occultskpetic.wordpress.com/2011/10/10/weight-loss-and-magick-an-experiment-in-progress/

      I am glad you are interested in what I am doing with weight loss and the Qabalah, but it is definitely still a work in progress, not a defined system.

      Though I may develop it into one.

      It follows from this working here: https://occultskpetic.wordpress.com/2011/10/01/ladder-of-swords-working-in-the-qabalah-and-tarot-part-1/

      Where I describe a ritualistic study of the Tarot and Qabalah that I am doing, beginning with the suit of swords. I lay the cards out as if it were the Tree of Life, and turn over the card I am working on. My original intention was to meditate on each card about a day, and then work through until Binah, the 3 of whatever suit. I expected, originally, I would be done with all the suits by now.

      But the work took a powerful hold on my psyche, and I have been at Netzach, the Seven of Swords: Futility, for weeks. The next card is the 6 of Swords: Science. 6 is Tiphereth,where one meets the Holy Guardian Angel.

      I have been meaning to lose weight for years now and decided if I was going to have an encounter of any kind with the Holy Guardian Angel I had better do something to prepare.

      So I have been losing weight to go to Tiphereth. The gate to Tiphereth in the Suit of Swords is 210 lbs.

      This has become much more than weight loss for me. It has been about elevating myself beyond the Ruach, it has become about single mindedness, it has become about focusing the mind in accordance with the will rather than letting the maelstrom of thought do as it wishes.

      One can be a genius, but the result is futility if knowledge and thought can’t be focused. Then one just lives in a torrent of trivia swimming about in the brain.

      Right now it is my intention to do a Ouija working when I get to 210 lbs. along with a dose of DMT. The goal, a transcendental experience with my Holy Guardian Angel, though I don’t consider this to be anything approaching “Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel” also known as the “Abremelin Working.” These rituals require years of preparation, and can take several months to perform.

      I am merely taking one small step in the general direction of that path, as I proceed with my metamorphosis into a true Magician.

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