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I talk too much. I have as far back as I can remember.

As early as age 11 I remember lamenting this problem.

I hate it when people talk too much, when this happens to me I zone out. I start thinking about other things, and I have been close with others who suffer from this same weakness as me.

Repeatedly throughout my life I am reminded of this problem.

One month, in my weird Christian days, I even attempted a one month vow of silence. It did not go well. I had a lot of drama in my life back then.

Now I see the need again.

Constantly reminded by contact with my Augoiedes (HGA, Dameon, inner genius), who speaks to me of a penetrating silence. A kind of silence which creates a psychic vacuum giving the communication of others to you.

I know one of the reasons I talk too much is because I feel others don’t talk enough.

One anxiety I find worse than that of being talked at by some motormouth like me who goes on and on, is the anxiety caused by someone who sits there silently and contributes nothing to our shared presence.

I am told that there is a Native American tradition of the silent greeting where the people sit and enjoy each other’s presence while speaking.

I am quite sure that most people who disturb me with their silence are not so enlightened, rather there seems to be a strong cowardice among people to even have thoughts, much less share them.

There is a quote from Mark Twain that says:

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”
This seems to be a common maxim followed by many.
So where does that leave the jabberjaws, the chatterbox, with the burden of providing the entertainment for the stupid psychic vampire you are now stuck with. Of course, only to find yourself being ignored and considering yourself the “fool” who has removed “all doubt.”
Now is the time of my Vishuddha Chakra.
This is the Throat Chakra. The Chakras are about channeling energy, specifically the Kundalini energy, which deserves its own post and my own experiences are still at a novice level.
The energy of my Vishuddha is constantly wasted.
In vision work with my Chakras my Augoiedes reveals to me a future where I am silent. And light pours out of the mouths of my loved ones.
I can imagine this may sound a little arrogant. But please understand that my ideas and beliefs are constructive out of a collaborative journey with my loved ones and I don’t have any message which they have not help build themselves.
I want to give them energy.
Not take it away through excessive talking.
So what do I do about the shy and the silent? Good question. In practice I haven’t pulled anything off yet. I still regularly find myself in the hellish nightmare of jabbing my jaws and no one has been listening for quite some time.
I recently told my best friend at a party that I just provide monologues in case someone might be bored.
He has since called my behavior in this way “monologuetastic.”
That shit has got to stop.
I am beginning a regimen of Vishuddha meditation to help me overcome this.
I need to be concise. I need to not unleash so much momentum to fill voids of silence. The real secret here, what can make silence penetrating, what can make it truly a form of conversation is that you use it to listen and observe.
When I am in the presence of some deer in the headlights type, those who are so afraid to make conversation, I will listen with my eyes. I will read them. I will attempt to scan them with my Ajna chakra. My third eye. They will be naked and exposed before me. This should relieve some of my anxiety, and save me from opening the vortex of words so easily generated by my Ruach (the conscious mind in the Qabalah).
Sorry I am getting a little left-hand pathish, but all the New Ageyness associated with the chakras brings it out in me.
I also believe that in the True Will (see Thelema) there are often things which are not easy. Which require that the magician domesticate some aspect of their energy to serve the Magician’s Neshamah (the higher consciousness in the Qabalah) not just his
Ruach (the conscious intellect in the Quabalah).

Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I am an ambitious man. I want to sell my art, my ideas, and myself in the public square. I am a priest of the Whore of Babylon. I want no less than fiscal success where I make commercial gains fulfilling feats of pleasure, and to manage my fiscal success into a state of sustained growth. I want to be fucking rich, and I want to get my ideas out there, and I want to live in a state of great leisure-intense work. The two truly need not be mutually exclusive. The ultra-productive leisure I describe is within the grasp of any magician who has a mind to put to her/his energy work.

So one of the appeals, and found efficacies of magick for me is found in manifesting abnormal levels of energy.

By abnormal I mean the contrast between the truly productive individual in contrast with the lethargy and inertia of the herd.

I am a caffeine addict. And that is not the only stimulant I have indulged. I am aware of the use of cocaine by many ultra successful individuals. The most recent to come to my attention;  the chef superstar Anthony Bordain. I have come across studies on the use of “performance” enhancing drugs in academia. And amphetamines were high on the preferred list, along with drugs that fight off narcolepsy.

So much is revealed about human nature in the drugs we use.

My last article was about Resh, and for the purpose of my subjective self report it would help if one had a basic idea of how the ritual known as Liber 200 or Liber Resh by Aleister Crowley. I have decided to start a practice of this ritual  that is daily, consistent, unyielding (at least for a season). I take my inspiration from the 5 daily prayers of Islam.

I have found myself more mindful of my personal energy levels as I start this work.

Energy really is everything to me. I tend to suffer from high levels of anxiety, though I must confess that for the last few months this seems to be in recession. But this anxiety has persisted throughout my life. Especially at my youth where it manifested in bouts of antisocial behavior. Suicide attempts. Violence of all kinds. Self destructive behaviors. Though I believe I walked away with permanent attainment from this in an Aghori kind of way.

But thats another blog post, isn’t it?

This anxiety problem drains me dry. I am an ambitious dude. As I write this on my laptop I am hanging out with my wife and drawing in a comic book. I work on podcasting, writing or art every single day. This is in addition to my occult work. Though I will try to argue that it is because of my occult work.

Energy is a real factor in our bodies, therefore our brains, therefore our psyches.

I have studied how diet feeds into this, low hypoglycemic index anyone? I have studied how psychological mental states feed into this, and Mihály Csíkszentmihályi’s work on flow is the best on the topic.

For example when your neurons are lacking glucose (which they gleefully get high on by activating a limbic system response) they will not hustle for you. Your brain will run at half power. Sleep deprivation (which I am prone to) will have the same effect. One of the worst offenders to brain power depletion is stress which uses up that valuable energy in fight or flight to imaginary foes.

By imaginary foes of course I mean the bills, the rent, the car payment, the petty hassles of work.

This is taxing on your cells.

We were evolved to live about 30 years on the Savannah, constantly running, hunting and fucking. We were surrounded by death at all times and it took our brethren with obvious hunger.

All of our modern lifestyle is an abomination of science.

So I have come across a few occult interpretations of energy, but in the end much of all way do in the Great Work is about getting the energy right. Not necessarily for quantity, but for quantity. One does not simply want to be a tweaked out manic idiot. One wants productive and attractive levels of energy.

One needs to be able to reach into their mind and pull out whatever chemical bath necessary to overcome fatigue. Overcome temptations to procrastinate. Overcome the need to be a lazy slacker douchebag. No disrespect to the magickal Slack of the Subgenius. 

The Chakras are a must in this regard. Or at least for me.

I am primed for the Chakras. I went to a meditation center that really promoted a chakra based perspective. In addition to that my synchronicity with the Chakras goes deep.

I first learned of the Chakras in my early 20s as I was traveling the country with my girlfriend who was 10 years older than me. When we ran out of gas we held a sign that said “Need gas please help.” People were relieved that we didn’t want cash.

We lived in her car, or at campsites.

It was a beautiful time in my life. We went to her mother’s house. Her mother had abandoned her at birth at a liquor store. The two of them have been building a relationship for a couple of years. Mom was a hippy. So was my cougar sweetheart.

She had a step-dad who was a bit of a mystic. He was a ballet dancer going for a second degree in biology. He decided that what my travels needed were the Joseph Campbell mythos series, the whole boxed set. This was the end of my Christian phase. I ate that shit up.

Later on our journey we went to Santa Cruz, California. Where I participated in an action camp put on by the people who brought you the world famous WTO protests in Seattle. I found a CD with Wilhelm Defoe reading a book about the Chakras with some New Age music. I got a tic meditating to that shit in the woods.

So I have been well primed by Synchronicity to use the Chakras.

Start with Muladhara. I jokingly call this the chode Chakra. The tainth. The area between the anus and the genitals. Thats where Muladhara has its initial energy broadcast.

I think its useful to mediate on the chakras because we are generally unaware of our bodies. This kind of work increases body consciousness, which is useful in managing stress, and all other sorts of unwanted behaviors and emotions.

For those knowledgeable about Qabalah this definitely corresponds with Malkuth: the real world and all of its ultra-tangible headaches.

When you are activating Muladhara and spinning this fucker, you are giving your real life an enema. You are cleansing your awareness of the hassle of life to allow your ascendant energy incarnate in the serpent Kundalini in your spine.

Some mystics will argue that the 7 Chakras correspond perfectly with nerve bundles. This is not true to the best of my knowledge. But perhaps with some novel research who knows?

It is true that if you are thinking of your body you are activating somatosensory nerves and giving your brain a cool little work out that has a pay off. So why not the Chakras?

Muladhara is supposed to cary a certain kind of energy. I like to think the Pentacle in the Tarot for my esoteric brethren. Being down to earth is the energy signature of this Chakra. Ever wonder why people tell you that you are being an ass hole when you are being down to earth? Its because you are. “Its not always a bad thing says ,”the ass man pervert.

You have to have your affairs in order to achieve anything. When activating Muladhara you should feel like you have your next few moves on the chessboard planned out. Take peace that you are making moves at all, as opposed to being increasingly constipated by inactivity on the pragmatic planes.

So what about vampires, well the only real vampires are psychic vampires, which can be bad or good. We will try to be good.

Positive psychic vampirism is always done on those who you know you have been giving as much energy to as you could possibly need. I do these techniques by accessing astral plane projections, and in my body of light i work out energies in my closest loved ones. My coven, if you will.

Positive aspects of psychic vampirism  can be experienced by using techniques such as reiki, aura work, or anything that is heavily focused on a person’s energy.

My own prejudices make me inclined to try to calculate all this stuff as psychological states, which lends itself to astral projection and visualization. I like to see myself stealing energy from the Chakras of my loved ones. Stealing is not the right word, since I only do this with those who I know I give energy generously too.

Good vampires feed on each other.

Swadisthana. This is my motherfucking chakra. This is the chakra of sexual arousal, among other things.

I tend to focus on the sexual aspects of Swadisthana, this goes along with my whole trip on Hypersex. Hypersex is my own spin on sex magick.

When one is activating, spinning the Swadisthana Chakra they should get turned on as much as possible. I will be the first to admit that sometimes the most turned on I can get is remembering that shit sometimes turns me on, but when you are in your sexual prime, when you are as damp as the rain forest ladies, or as hard as the diamonds gentlemen, Swadisthana is showing its highest virtues.

Psychic vampirism of Swadisthana should be sexual. In my body of light work, I always focus on the sexy aspects of anyone who I am using these techniques on. Naturally my wife is a favorite.

At a minimum all psychic vampires seeking to do an astral energy circuit with someone else’s Swadisthana Chakra they should be aware of what makes that person seductive, and we are all at some time or another seductive. They should have a sense of that person’s sexual will, and even better if they have a sense of that person’s sexual True Will.

It is deeply intimate. I even question the ethics of interacting with the Swadisthana of another without having some kind of sexual permissiveness with that person, perhaps it is wrong to look into this part of a being unless they are already a sexual partner.

If you have to ask yourself these kinds of questions if you are doing a Swadisthana psychic vampirism, you are totally doing it right.

Manipura is about power.

In my distinguished opinion this is the ultimate chakra. I am obsessed with power. In my understanding of Qabalah it corresponds with Thiphereth where you meet your Holy Guardian Angel.

This Chakra is to know what you want. What you really want. What you were built to do. Your True Will!

In the work of psychic vampirism whoever you are trying to make the circuit with is your true friend, a loved one who you can feel a certain chivalrous commitment to their success, you can make the investment of faith that whatever is good for this person is by definition good for you.

If you feed on a person’s manipura chakra, at least in my good-guy badge version, you are aligning your True Wills. You are manifesting Crowley’s preaching on the Will which was perfect and in total harmony with the True Will of all beings.

You are becoming a vessel of the other person’s Will. And in that channeling their energy towards your own.

This vampire stuff is about bonding to me. Though do not disregard Dion Fortune’s work on how this shit is dangerous, and that a Psychic Vampire can be a serious enemy. These aspects are true.

I am simply avoiding going into detail about how one could use this kind of work combatively, and as currently I have no serious enemies, it is impractical for me to put too much energy towards that.

Let it suffice to say, that if you are in a state of willing harm on another,  if you are acutely aware of intimate aspects of their being you are in a mental state to maximize harm to any move you make against them.

Manipura is the heart of your potential, your best wishes, your truest destiny. It is a mortal wound if this part should suffer injury.

Anahata is the heart chakra. As bad ass as Manipura is. As much as ethics can potentially be manifest there, it pales in comparison to Anahata. Anahata is the home of the best possible intentions. The truest compassions. The best possible connections you have experienced with others.

What a juicy vein for a psychic vampire. No wonder its the heart.

When I do my psychic vampirism on the Anahata’s of my loved ones I am instantly instructed by their better angels. When I put my own energy flow into the Anahata circuits of others I see what their eyes have been pruned by life to see as its best aspects. Things my own eyes miss. Things which are true and beautiful.

I hesitate to pontificate so much about Chakras since it goes way deeper than I am currently aware of, but from Anahata and up you can only be infected with the positive energies of your target, these are parts of the individual meant to feed the world.

Vishuddha is the throat Chakra. Perhaps the most vulnerable of all the higher chakras. So may of us dig graves with our mouths.

Vishuddha should truly be seen as the real path for the wise mouth. What you put in, and what you get out.

A magician well aware of his own Vishuddha energy, and who is spinning this chakra as it should be spinned, is choosing their words carefully, is manifesting the true Will with each word, and is not prone to putting shit in their mouth without the consultation of the mind, or even better, the HGA.

Psychic Vampirism of the vishuddha is to hear the true voice of the being you make your circuit with. You know how the should sound. You know what they truly have to say, you are mindful of how you should prune your own words by the example of the other in their best incarnations.

Ajna, the third eye. The crown Chakra.

This is such a beautiful and sacred Chakra to me. To have a true sight. To see the True Will incarnate everywhere you look. To see things as they should be. This is the gift of Ajna.

If you feed on the Ajna of another being you will continue instruction at their best incarnations. I may be able to imagine some weakness at Vishuddha, but mostly from Anahata and up, anyone you build an energy circuit with to feed from, they will just make you a better person. By making you psychically aware of what an awesome person they can be.

In Ajna you see the world as it could be, if this person was the best fucking person they could be, and they were taking a look around from those eyes. This is the sight of the third eye.

Its powerful energy. If you can land this connection the intense optimism you experience, the intense sense of purpose, will allow you to power through many an obstacle.

Sahasrara is the Chakra I am most ignorant of. The Kether of the Chakra system. This is you at your best. Manifesting the perfect self, internalizing the Holy Guardian Angel and acting from its wisdom in your normal behavior.

From this Chakra, supposedly, the aura is broadcast.

This is your truest energy.

The top of the fucking head. Your energy is shooting out from here, and returning to you like the image of a magnetic field.

So far my experience with vampire work in Sahasrara has just consisted of awareness of this energy.

I also want to clarify, especially for those of you who are not familiar with my greater theory of magick, my claims are 99% psychological. This work I describe above is based on my own experiences of these energies as I use elevated psychological and physiological states in combination with vision work. Conscious daydreams, interactions with my own unconscious. I refer to this phenomena as astral projection, or my body of light.

The energy I feel and drain from my loved ones, is probably just my own, in chemical reactions triggered by these emotionally charged visualizations within my own brain cells.

Maybe not, there certainly are occult practitioners who would read the above essay and believe that I am truly draining the real elan vital; the life force, from my loved ones. Perhaps, but I find this model much harder to test therefore not a high priority for concern.

I do know that this work appeals to me, and its symbolism is powerful. The pay off is real.

If any of this doesn’t work for you change it.

Love is the Law. Love under Will.