The Seven of Disks- Failure

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Musick, Uncategorized

This is my life card.

August 27th, 1979. Look it up. This is the current I am cursed to surf. Goddamnit!

Luckily I have the Left Hand Path.

Luckily I can add to that Thelema, and the only weapon one could ever wield against this card: My True Will.

Fuck failure.

Everyone fails. Those who master failure are the most successful of us all.

Forever if I draw failure in a reading I will say it is time to manifest your god form or die.

Failure can’t phase a god. You are the Lord. You are the Master.

What is failure? Circumstance:

  1. hermitix says:

    My understanding of the life card when broken down from birthdate was as a personality representation that is indicated by one of the Major Arcana – what system are you using that generates the 7 of disks?

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