The Most Important Idea I Have Encountered: Conscilience by E.O. Wilson

Posted: December 11, 2011 in Mind, Memes, Myth- My Specific Approach to Magick, Uncategorized

This is a philosophy crucial to my True Will. Art and science in synthesis.

It is at first grasp it is pure science and philosophy, but any occultist accepting my respect should be able to read between the lines. With a perspective even Dr. Wilson can’t share it. And see it. See how the seeds of Neshamah can be planted in the Ruach, and that this is so essential in order for humanity to evolve. To become enlightened. To mature. To ascend.

As an aspiring magus I must say that this is our sacred duty. To see the true will incarnate, the Aeon of Horus shines brightly, but the fire must spread or the species will die of its own ignorance.


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