Quote of the Day; From Robert Anton Wilson

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

“Magick has many aspects, but primarily it acts as a dramatized system of “psychology” (or neuro-linguistic meta-programming) to train us to break out of the cage of the socially conditioned ego and, by plunging directly into the Chaos and Void from which we emerged, experience a rebirth into a new sense of self, of world, and of chaos and void, knowing directly, by experience, that all these names have the same hidden unity-the wonderful magician who makes the grass green, the sad man sad, makes the angry woman angry, and makes the loving heart flow with further love endlessly.” -Robert Anton Wilson, from the introduction to Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons

  1. seeker93 says:

    Fellow skeptic / student of the occult here. I like this quote because of the beauty in it and I also like his idea of Magick acts as “a dramatized system of psychology”. Could it be that the reason that Magick is often seen as just a dramatized system of psychology, is that the system that we depend on most often (how our minds perceive ‘reality’ taking into account every experience, 2nd hand experience, chemical imbalances, etc.) is the one being the most outwardly effected? If our mannerisms have changes to any measurable degree, for good or bad, Magick will either be credited or blamed, depending on ones position on the subject.

    The problem is, I have bi-polar disorder for which I am medicated and have not had any issues of importance in over 4 years, have had 10 years of therapy and while I appear normal to pretty much everyone I know (although my dark and disturbing sense of humor can be offensive), I am still ego maniacal, narcissistic and I lack the confidence and direction that I need. We all have our crosses to bear and our burdens and our trials are different from each other and we gain insight into ideas that we never may have attained otherwise. Yet I am plagued with self doubt concerning my current path. MY exposure to Magick wasn’t a plunge so much as it was/is dipping my toe in to test the waters. At first, this is understandable, but I have been employing this method of cautious hesitation for 5 years, off and on.
    Is that I cannot commit? Am I naturally rebellious? Am I gun shy from my experiences with fundamentalist Christianity? Did my shift into flat out cynicism darken my ability to see truth when it exposes itself?

    Those are the answers I seek. Often, unless I am in the mood, I rarely perform rituals.
    More later if you are interested

    • mindcore says:

      Well my answer to those questions comes from Crowley’s Liber Oz; “you have no right but to do thy will.” Whatever is working for you is by definition working.

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