☉ in 24° ♏ : ☽ in 6° ♌ : Anno IVxix a.n.

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Confessions of a New Aeon, Uncategorized

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

My adventures continue evolving. But doesn’t this happen to us all?

I have decided that it was high time to do another diary style entry. In case some of you are following how the theory correlates to the practice.

I feel pretty good about that aspect of my life right now.

When I reached my 210 lb. goal, which I have been using as one way to gauge my progress in the Qabalah, I had a deep transcendental experience. After being laid off for months, and working for $1 over minimum wage, I was able to get a job back in my current profession.

My profession is in education.

I also got insanely sick.

I usually don’t get sick, so this was a bit of a downer. While simultaneously getting the biggest leg up I could have hoped for. Me getting a professional job again in many ways is the answer to all my prayers.

Prayer is something I have been learning a lot about lately.

I am captivated by Crowley’s  alleged quote to “Invoke often,” and to be “enflamed in prayer.”

It is part of my escape from the Ruach and to start to see the world via the Neshamah.

My greatest revelation about the efficacy of prayer has been the Metta meditation of Buddhism. Though due to my Thelemic persuasion, and Luciferian leanings, I don’t seek any kind of good guy badge about the “Loving Kindness Meditation,” which is another word for Metta.

I am happy to stick to my Vampire (energy) work with it. I can practice the Metta meditation for my self. My wife. My loved ones. I don’t push it much further than my students and my co-workers. I don’t particularly want to. I will let my will guide me towards who I channel the field of Metta for.

And today it all gets tested, just like being sick my first week of a great job.

My house was broken into. My laptop (which is my most precious material possession) was stolen. There are all kinds of strange details about it, but thats the bottom line. My house was broken into. My most precious material possession was stolen.

Is this a synchronicity to help me transcend the Ruach?

I will definitely use it that way.

It won’t be the first time in my life I have faced a derailing on this level. It probably won’t be the last.

So perhaps I am feeling more resilient as a result of my work (as in THE work). I believe this is the case.

I am learning to try to focus my thoughts, my energies, my actions, my intentions towards the few things that I believe are aspects of my True Will.

All in all, life is good. Its hard, but its paying off. So continues THE work.

Love is the law. Love under will.


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