Qliphoth : קליפות

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The Qliphoth is the inverse Qabalistic Tree of Life. It is also known as the Tree of Death. Famous occultist, and student of Aleister Crowley; Israel Regardie, called the Sephiroth of the the Qliphoth, “Evil demons of matter and shells of the dead. ”

For those who are into it her are its Hebrew letters:


It is made of shells, of empty vessels. It is the most unholy of places. Though there are Qabalists and Occultist who hold a more positive view of Qliphoth. In fact, while preserving the more common imagery and aesthetic attributed to Qliphoth, I wholeheartedly agree.

I think of Qliphoth as being like hell. It was identified this way in Alan Moore (modern magician and creator of Watchmen, V for Vendetta, etc.) in his comic book Promethea.

The Prometheas fall in Qliphoth while searching the Tree of Life in the Qabalah. Where the goddesses face the demons that haunt them and connect with them mystically in an understanding of the oneness of all. Pretty deep shit.

These are demons that have totally been trying to kill these ladies up this point. One Promethea’s HGA even has sexual congrex with a demon.

I have been helping out at a haunted house operation in my home town; its called Nightmare on 19th Street. I help my friends sell brisket, candy bars, sodas, shit like that. One of my friends does halloween makeup on a small army of actors who are as true as any priest of darkness I have ever met.

I have been helping out at a haunted house operation in my home town; its called Nightmare on 19th Street. I help my friends sell brisket, candy bars, sodas, shit like that. One of my friends does halloween makeup on a small army of actors who are as true as any priest of darkness I have ever met.


We have three major haunted houses in Nightmare on 19th Street, sorry, not 10 to correspond specifically with the anti-Sephiroth of Qliphoth. In fact this will not be a perfect Qabalistic analogy, I am just sharing a general vibe I experienced which I think gave me some personal revelation.

The first house is called the Sanitarium.

The Sanitarium is fucking scary. They have built all three of these haunted houses artfully, carefully, in order to mess with your perceptions. You don’t know where your going, where you are supposed to be. You have strobe lights, smoke, hydraulic robotic monsters popping out. Other special effects, and best of all you have actors in professional quality make up jumping out at you, sneaking up on you, and in general scaring the shit out of you.

In the Sanitarium this is all based on the idea of a haunted lunatic asylum gone wild.

There are patients which crawl bloody out from under beds at you, all manner of other frightening insane sadistic nurses and doctors. And Doctor Nexium is ruler of the whole thing. The actor who plays Dr. Nexium is absolutely fabulous.

The second house is more of a traditional haunted house,with lots of horror movie classics. Zombies. Freddy Kruger. Jason Vorhees. Aliens. Monsters. But still very scary.

The first time I went through these haunted houses I screamed. I am a big dude. I have lots of tattoos. I personally had a youth rife with crime and violence. I like to think I am a tough guy. But when girls who look like the girl from the horror film The Grudge are coming out from under beds, and other props and reaching for me it makes me scream. At least the first time around.

The final haunted house, which one must pass Hillbilly  Hollow  (think Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or The Hills have Eyes) to get to is called The City of the Lost, the ancient Egyptian themed haunted house.  As a good Thelemite, I am so stoked on ancient Egypt stuff I was too fully caught up in the aesthetic of the whole thing to be truly scared. But I was still disoriented, experiencing all manner of optical illusions, and getting the shit startled out of me by the wonderful actors.

So how does this relate to Qliphoth?

Well the first time I went through I screamed no less than a dozen times, I was totally startled and laughing at my self while totally pumped full of energy and lust for life.

That is a good response for someone who reveres the True Will to Qliphoth. In the Promethea comic Qliphoth is fucking scary. It is the realm of demons, which in my experience were the actors. They simultaneously tormented me, yet made me stronger,  caused me to face fear. Disorientation.  They caused meditations on my own death and destruction.

These guys functioned in my imagination like the Goetia, the famous demons of ritual magick that people like Aleister Crowley and King Solomon were supposed to have summoned to do their bidding.

But these demons are useful. And in Qliphoth, you are in their house. The first time through awe, fear, and lust for life are probably appropriate responses.

Then came the second time.

I screamed so much the first time I was afraid to go a second time and develop a personal reputation for weakness. I can’t have that.

So I resolved to keep my cool.

How did I do that? By pretending I was in Qliphoth. And according to my power, and my body of light, and any handle I have on how I choose to incarnate mystically, I was in fucking Qliphoth. Right there, in Lubbock TX., in a haunted house carnival.

The actors did become the Goetia. Manifesting in their terrifying form, their true power in illusion. In the architecture of the houses making me claustrophobic, surrounded by smoke machines, and in the light of the strobe bulbs.

They had power in that they knew the architecture, they had secret passages, and they were ultimately your guides to the whole experience.

Your teachers. Your dark gurus.

And from what I know about these actors, especially Dr. Nexium, and a few others, they truly get into character. They incarnate as their characters.

They don’t just guide you through the haunted house, they guide you through your fears. Your anxieties.

I walked through, claustrophobic, cramped, as scared and surprised as the first time. I had forgotten more than I had remembered. When I saw an actor, which usually scared me, I thought of them as my guides through this strange underworld, and that there were lessons to be learned here.

This time, in spite of my fear, I did not scream.

When it was all said and done I felt stronger for it. As much like I had just had a religious experience as anything else.

And with a slightly  better understanding of Qliphoth.

Love is the law. Love under will.

  1. mojo says:

    interesting take on the Tunnels…

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