The Hour of the Rabbit

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Confessions of a New Aeon, Uncategorized

The ancient Chinese astrology puts 5-7 am as the hour of the Rabbit.

This song is called Feurio by the German industrial band Einsturzende Neubauten. From listening to the Thelema Now! podcast its easy to infer these guys were deep in the occult/rock and roll renaissance of the 70s. This band’s symbol adorns punk rock idol Henry Rollins with a tattoo. This symbol is one of my personal sigils.

This band found me by synchronicity. This band, and its musick, for me are pure magickal. Sounds of some mechanical elven atlantis. Some post-human utopia astrally licking the wounds of a million years of Kali-yuga distopia.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. 

With this music I begin my day and my magickal work.

This is when I begin my magickal/ real work out on most days.

I have to be at work by 8:30 am, so this gives me ample time to get shit done, to become more than I am, to get ready.

My first 30 minutes may be spent lifting weights, or just farting around. I am trying to add a regimen of 30 minutes of true mindfulness meditation. Though recently this time has been filled by self-hypnosis videos (which I am still experimenting with) or guided meditations, or occult podcasts, etc.

Working out is definitely part of my magickal work. I do almost all my Astral Work while jogging, and I believe that lifting weights is also having a positive effect. I believe this works in much the same way traditional Hatha Yoga works, the Magician gains control of the body before s/he can assert control over anything else.

My muscles strain, lactic acid is released. So is testosterone, which is the stuff of sexual arousal. Hypersex anyone? My current studies on Sex Magick have me convinced that an enhanced state of sexual arousal has a huge magickal pay off. Wilhelm Reich who is considered to be a pseudoscientist and a crackpot, but is very popular among occult symbols, believed this heightened sexual arousal incarnated a substance called “orgone,” Orgone, if its real, is the stuff of powerful magick.

When I run, and I pursue my astral form. When I receive my daily visions. I want to have my orgone levels as high as I can.

The above song helps. One of these days I will father a child to that song.

When I jog my heart rate will rise. I will push my legs. Lift my knees. Control my legs with movement of my shoulders. Remember folks, I am over 200 lbs. This shit takes a lot of fuel. But it makes a lot of fuel.

I will pray a mantra that was given to me in a revelation:

“Adonai Eloheinu,

Lord God,

My Eros begets Uriel,

My Silence; Horus,

Delay = Atlantis,

I am a Knight-Monk of Atlantis,

Amen. ”

I will repeat, over and over and over and over again. I will repeat silently in my mind all day as much as I can remember to do so. I will be enflamed in prayer. This prayer is an equation. It is charged with information, totally dense. One day it will deserve its own episode of Occult Skeptic. But for now just know these words are my vehicle of destroying thought, of purging my mind of the unfocused clutter, and with all my intellectual intake the clutter is a maelstrom.

I will keep running. I will use Industrial, New Age, Goth, New Wave, and Heavy Metal music to allow my limbic system to produce the proper emotional states. That of the Angel. My Angel is two things above all others: horny and angry.

I will activate my Chakras when my prayer repeats “My Eros begets Uriel.” I will do Vampire work giving and taking energy from my loved ones. My family. My coven. My cell of Assassins.

Sometimes the prayer takes over completely. My run feeding into my militancy, for the essence of my work is to capture the “Knight-Monk” concept as envisioned in the Wermacht of the Great Beast: Aleister Crowley.

Sometimes the prayer gives way to visions, a waking dream. When I snap out of it I may have moved a mile, my body cranking out, raising the heartbeat. My mind in another place. One of these days I will get ran over if I am not careful.

I will follow up with Dawn Resh and the Lesser Ritual of the Pentegram. Though starting today I am invoking in the morning and banishing at night.

I usually do at least a little Santeria as I get ready. Lately my Santeria has been devoted to Chango.

I can honestly say that at least 5 days a week this is how I start my day. My pay off for doing this for the last few months has been tremendous and has already created the desired pay-off I was looking for when I started my occult work, which was elevated levels of personal energy. Exuberance. Lust for Life.

Love is the law. Love under will. 


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