Thinking About Holy Guardian Angel, and listening to Alchemically Brain Damaged Podcast

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Alchemically Brain Damaged: Thoughts on the HGA

The above link will take you to a wonderful heartfelt podcast called Alchemically Brain Damaged. The host is so sincere and so raw and if you will permit me a psychic musing, the host is punk as fuck. I can sense his astral mowhawk and homemade spiky shit across the continent (He is Canadian)

If you read my Ladder of Swords Working Post then you know I am studying the Suit of Swords on a Qabalistic journey. I am trying to break through to Tiphereth, the home of the Holy Guardian Angel. The Holy Guardian Angel is pretty much what it sounds like, and in that is so sublime that I am becoming increasingly tongue tied in my definitions. They would all be shot down by Thelemites anyways. For me the HGA at least contains with it some touch of my highest self, an alien intelligence (even if its alien world is me), a source of great power and wisdom, angels, aliens, time traveling guides into the future, its very, very, very hard to define. Disregard all my attempts to define.

I consider this effort to be stupid unless I try to at least touch the feather of my Holy Guardian Angel,  especially with the central focus that my religion Thelema places on the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA). I know this is not the Abremelin Working. I know this is not Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. But its a fucking start.

So I am soldiering in the Rose Garden of Netzach. Right now my efforts have brought me to learning to be enflamed in prayer. I am using mantra techniques for this. I am trying to follow the advice of my fellow online occultist, IAO 131.

So I am going to listen to this again, I love his show. I encourage you to listen and think on your Holy Guardian Angel, the being which reveals your True Will.


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