Secrets of the Occult-Magicians

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have decided that since I am always looking for weird occulty videos online I should start sharing them here .

I have been enjoying this so far:

  1. Kaliman Oxcuro says:

    Thank you for sharing this; it has been very helpful in helping me recall some things I learned when I was young. The more I look into the occult, the more I realize that its teachings have also influenced the resurgence of indigenous philosophy and spirituality. It has made me question the origins of what many claim to be ancient Mesoamerican tradition, specifically those that are undeniably New Age concepts. Not that I have a problem with New Age philosophy, to each his own, but I have a problem with charlatans claiming to teach ancient Olmec or Toltec thought when in fact it’s not. Mesoamericans shared many beliefs with the Egyptians and Hindus, to name a few, but it is evident that what we are taught to believe is ancient American, because of its similarities, is actually New Age. In my search for ancient indigenous knowledge, I have found modern substitutes instead, and that bothers me.

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