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Posted: September 17, 2011 in Confessions of a New Aeon, Uncategorized

Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law!

Relationships are such strange beasts.

As we try, often awkwardly to become a meshed bi-being with another willful mind. Or at least the kinds of relationships I like are willful.

What kind of symbols emerge from these states. Especially romantic and sexual relationships. Fetish is always present as a source of symbol. So is romanticism.

I think of all the codes of chivalry and how they perpetuate an imagination of a relationship.

Relationships are definitely fucking memetic.

Ideas replicating in our sex lives. Picking the genes that get spread. Eminent biologist E.O. Wilson called this meme-gene coevolution in his book Consilience.

Bonnie and Clyde are symbols that swim around in my mindscape. And all manner of gothic imagery kept well watered by daydreams since my adolescence.

I believe that the true lovers must serve a cause. They must be some sort of strange sexual biproduct of a greater war. Probably because of too many action movies and comic books.

But I enjoy my hypersexual intoxication.

I first heard the word hypersexual on a documentary about the comic book writer Grant Morrison who transforms himself through writing a hypersexual version of himself in the comic book The Invisibles.

I believe this is the most beautiful thought.

To transform oneself through fiction into a hypersexual being. I want to do this.

Hypersex is probably operationally described as a sexual arousal at psychological baseline. We all probably have some dormant physiological measure of sexual arousal. Some kind of cellular readiness factor.

But the hypersexual mage does this consciously. By his Will.

He wants to be turned on. He uses his perversions through conscious activation.

Wow. Does that sound like a recipe for an indecent exposure charge or what?

No, he is a man maintaining his manhood one stride further. And woman to me is so much more than woman when she does this, she is a star radiant to be worshipped with all faith.

Relationships are intended to be a gift.

This outcome is worthwhile. Delicious. The backbone of all myth. But it requires militancy.

Love is the Law. Love under Will.

  1. Kaliman Oxcuro says:

    I contend that love is relative puzzle that is contingent to the relationship of the involved. Sexuality, or, in this case, hyper-sexuality is a piece in that puzzle.

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