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Posted: July 31, 2011 in Confessions of a New Aeon, Uncategorized

From now on when I put the current time and date on the Thelemic calendar that means the following will be a quick update blog.


Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I have now been in my hometown for the last two months after resigning as a teacher. All in all I have never been happier.

Life differently has a different pace here, after the busy Dallas Metroplex, I am now in a lifetime where the end of civilization is 15 minutes away driving and everywhere I go I see people I grew up with. A good condition for a wizard who can master their environment in accordance with his Will.

It will remain to be seen if I pull this off. Though my task is to do so with great haste.

I did a lot of brujeria spells for my old friends. It was a good ritual to break any ice left from our separation and to keep the strong vibe of eternal weirdness in our relationships. I am a counterculture type, in my hometown thats a heavy weight to carry. Its the kind of place where if someone got burned at the stake it would take a while for everyone to figure out why thats such a big deal.

But in spite of all my chaos magick-santeria tendencies, I know that there is something to truly be unlocked with the rigor of the Hermetic tradition. Especially, for me, Thelema.

Thelema is now definitely my religion, as I sail my 3 types of atheism.

The religion of the Will, as established by Aleister Crowley. Though I do not deify Aleister Crowley above myself, and it first he was the biggest turn off about Thelema.

I have a different opinion now thanks to reading so much of his work.

But I have only skated the surface.

I am reading the Blue Brick as it is affectionally called by Thelemites. I want to read it cover to cover, but its turned out to be a true journey to try to do that. I should start a diary for that on this blog.

I am now reading the Magickal Tools section and have already finished the Yoga section. I also suspect this book will be one of my lanterns for the rest of my days. I will be coming back to these writings many times over.

The thing which appealed most to me about Thelema was the whole True Will as a basis for ethics, and the idea that this is the motherfucking Aeon of Horus and that its time to manifest Will or we will otherwise manifest the Kaliyuga, that Hindu dark ages we are believed to be in now.

Calendars are a trip. Perception of time is a trip. I encourage all magicians to trip out on time as much as possible. Make your own calendar. Make your own chronometer. Study the science of time as the 4th dimension. Ponder destiny, or naturalistic determinism which has no free will or destiny. Follow synchronicities as they lead you, to see what happens to your perceptions of time. Try living in the now as the sages teach, you will fill the powerful tug of time.

Forgive my above digression, I want all sentient beings to awaken to their True Wills. I believe this kind of Willful world would be much, much better than the one we live in now. It also seems to me to be an anarchistic world, should it ever manifest. But what do I know of the fulness of time?

I also like that Thelema seems to be picking up steam in the real world. Maybe I have a kind of creepy corporate technocratic mentality about all that, but I predict Thelema will be here and strong for another century no fucking problem. It is flexible, it is clean, and it empowers its users. I am thrilled that Thelemites tend to be at the cutting edge of technology, I have been told that in the early days of the internets Computer Science guys would transcribe the Crowley stuff. Before scanners.

Now there a couple of great podcasts Speech in the Silence and Thelema Now! 

These two podcasts had a great deal of influence in my decision to study Thelema, and eventually go to the Dallas Oasis: Bubastis.

There I met high quality people, most of which were engaged in creatively proactive lifestyles I admire. Proactive is probably a good word to describe a Thelemite.

Its a good religion for me as well, because there is nothing in it which goes against what I want to do or believe. One can be a Thelmite atheist, one can use all the chaos magick or other weird shit you want. Its there for the taking.

One need not even participate in an O.T.O. or Abbey of Thelema body. One can just freeball it.

I truly appreciate the Thelemic system, especially with my primary goal of practicing magick being self transformation. I want to manifest a perfected version of myself. I want to function at an excellent capacity and to achieve as many of the things I believe are worth doing as I can.

I believe the Thelemic ritual and initiatory system helps with this. As well as the hermetic philosophy behind magick. The mind is our greatest gift and our greatest burden. With Thelema I bridle mine.

Love is the Law. Love under Will.

  1. IAO131 says:

    All I can say is… Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.

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