The Universal Field of Intention

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
I have been listening to the Power of Intention by New Age guru Dr. Wayne Dyer.
It is a very generic new age book, which is full of proto-Christian nonsense, and my mind has to recraft at least half of what Wayne Dyer says to get anything out of it. Yet recrafting has been going on.I have come to one conclusion,  through some cognitive gymnastics of my own, that I should embrace a version of his idea of The Universal Field of Intention.

According to Dyer the Universal Field of Intention is God. Dyer is a New Ager so God can take on countless forms, but whatever form he takes nature is not bad, even though cancer is where the inertia of life eventually leads. God loves everyone, God is like a big Nanny permeating the universe. God is also where all your constructive ideas come from. God is where all your talents come from. Everything good comes from God.

Perhaps there is some truth to this that I don’t yet understand.

The Universal Field of Intention can also be understood as the Thelemic True Will. This is where my recrafting took me. The True Will is something that when I write about it people will always comment that I don’t fully understand it.  My best definition is that it is what is truly best for you, if you believe in a positive destiny your True Will is definitely that. The True Will of Beethoven was to write symphonies. Of Martin Luther King was to generate peace and racial reconciliation.  That sort of thing.

I like Dyer’s terminology for it: The Universal Field of Intention. Though Wayne Dyer builds this term out of quantum mysticism particularly the work of kinesiologist David Hawkings (who is forturnate enough  to share the last name of a real scientist of high esteem,  so when he gets called Dr. Hawkings there is an undeserved positive association). David Hawkings wrote a book called Power vs. Forcethat when I first encountered I dismissed as near total bullshit, and even had a creationist buddy call it pseudoscience.But its a terminology that suggests that there is an energy field associated with energy. Psychologically this might work as a good analogy. Since we have all experienced psychological energy in one form or another. Imagine something like the magnetic field which can be seen beautifully with iron filings on paper when a magnet is beneath the paper.

I believe this is a good analogy for what our brains do. Different psychological states are going to represent different complex patterns of neurological activity. These patterns (sadly) are not as simple as the iron filings on paper showing the magnetic field, and we are far from a good taxonomy of them in neuroscience. But it is a reasonable and

skeptical description for what is going on.
Dyer and David Hawkings (Not Stephen Hawkings who is a true scientist and a great genius, which is why I won’t say Dr. Hawkings) believe that these kind of psychological energies exist in the very atoms, in the very subatomic particles. That neutrinos and protons are all feeling love for you right now, as a manifestation of Nanny christ or whatever New Age deity you prefer. Perhaps, but there is no evidence to suggest this, so I will have to catalogue this with all the other propositions which have no evidence. Like the idea that my penis is really the second coming of Jesus and will one day sit on a white throne and judge the earth. There is no evidence that my penis will do this, but I can certainly propose this.Quantum mysticism is a pet peeve of mine, built on taken the words of socially retarded physicist out of context most of the time. Like the Schrodinger’s Cat comment, its just a hissy fit from a big fan of calculus about having to use statistics. Nothing more. People who base their claims of this need to study more mundane mathematics, chemistry, and physics before the make wild claims about nature. Learn how atoms work first, learn how we calculate their behavior, learn about electron orbitals, learn about the weak force, the strong force, and the electromagnetic force and why they are hard to reconcile to gravity. These things are well described empirically by experimental results, they are not far fetched from a scientific perspective and they are just as fascinating as any hoodoo proposed in the film What the Bleep Do We Know. If you are wondering what I mean by “quantum mysticism” that film is a good primer.

Anyways… back to the Universal Field of Intention. I can define this as an analog of Wayne Dyer’s fantasy. Its also worth doing because all of this new agey self help stuff inspires a strong positive psychology. The Universal Field of Intention is the mental states that approximate a more perfected version of myself. They are the mindsets that are not limited by negative mental states (anxiety, self doubt, depression, anger, etc.).

I believe Wayne Dyer is onto something when he calls it God. I think the Thelemic concept of the HGA is a good alternative. If you can envision a psychological anchor for your strongest, most productive mental states than you can activate them with greater ease. Dyer also recommends activating the Universal Field of Intention through meditation, of course he has his pet favorite (japa) which Wayne Dyer recommends that to be truly successful you should purchase his instructional materials on japa meditation.

Meditation is a great way to exercise the mental discipline to achieve positive mental states. Japa or otherwise.I am reminded of the Crowley quote on yoga:

“The whole of Yoga is to prevent the movement of the mind: all practices, etc., are mechanical aids to this end.” – The Master Therion 666

If one can have the HGA in mind as a model of perfection, as an inspiration for positive and productive psychological states, then one has a golden thread to get out of the labyrinth of self doubt which often permeates our minds.

  1. anechoic says:

    ‘…Not Stephen Hawkings who is a true scientist and a great genious’

    that’s spelled GENIUS

  2. IAO131 says:


    Interesting but I dont waste my time with pseudoscience or reinterpreting it to be meaningful, it seems pointless.

    Also, the HGA is not your ‘best self’ it is your ‘All self,’ it includes you more than you think of yourself, it is both the good and the bad, the upright and averse.

    93 93/93

    • mindcore says:


      I’m on a trip where I am trying to understand what it is people find so appealing about this kind of stuff. In the same way that I try to understand what it is people find appealing about religion. To see if there is a baby in the bath water.

      Thanks for the link on the HGA.

      93 93/93

      • IAO131 says:


        I feel ya. Im not saying you shouldn’t read it – Do what thou wilt, and all that – but that I long ago found it to be a waste of time. I think a lot of people are (a) spiritual (b) anti-Judeo Christian (c) lacking in scientific knowledge and so are drawn to such texts. No problem on the link, its always a pleasure to shamelessly self-promote.

        93 93/93

  3. mindcore says:

    I feel like your work is so much in line with what I am trying to accomplish on this blog that I would never think of it as you just plugging your shit.

    When I set out to do this I was afraid I would be the only person in the world trying to set forth a scientific approach to this stuff.

    Of course now I actually know several people who feel this way, and you have made an elegant case that Crowley always did.

    Though, one could argue that Crowley was also known to encourage unscientific thinking in some of his followers. I heard this great Robert Anton Wilson monologue on Crowley in which he would tell people that the HGA was definitely some kind of higher being within the person, and told some of his other followers that it most certainly was not and that it was definitely an external separate entity.

  4. Susan says:

    Power vs. Force author is Hawkins, not Hawkings – would not have taken you very long to check out that out before you spewed so much bile. Gee, Dyer is happy and reach and people benefit from his teachings and his work is free on PBS and he tells everyone “make free copies of my CD’s” and you bash him because……..??????? Hope you have a good day… I think you should read more of his books….

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