Quick Update on My Adventures

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sorry for the long absence to those wonderful mages who read this site.

I am juggling a lot of life right now, and when I write here I like to provide links and do my research for my main point.

But I feel that the raw nature of magic(k) justifies my updating this blog. Please stand by, I will be posting more hardcore stuff, including some shared material from my own work (I have pictures of my evolving ritual altar for example).

I am learning a ton and quickly. I have been researching the Santa Muerte religion, which is the magic(k)al culture of contemporary Mexico.

I have an electronica chaos magic(k) project with my most beloved friend the Shaman Thor Johnson. My wife has also joined the project, creating a kind of magic(k)al bond between us which has been a tremendous gift.

I feel at this point at my journey I may be able to describe myself as post-atheist. But read my “post-atheist” word with these thoughts. I am post-atheist like post-modernism is to modernism. My current path still accepts the basic tenets of modern atheism to be true. I just feel that the path of creative introspection and artistic self stimulation has such a great pay off in my day to day life. It also awakens my analytic creativity, giving me the power to think unconventionally (outside the box) in my day to day life.

I find this a most amazing reward.

I am officially joining the O.T.O. (inshallah) on May 20 as a Minerval. This makes me barely a member I think, but my current study has convinced me that I am definitely a Thelemite, one of the people of the Will.

But my practice is definitely an emergent outpouring of my own id nightscape, my own womb of weapons, my unconscious, and any heed I pay to an established tradition is an intended collaboration not submission.

I have been reading Liber Null by Peter Carroll, Naturalistic Occultism by IAO131, studying up my Crowley, learning about Fakirs, and Sufi mystics. So my mind is being fed.

I have been doing Tarot readings, and am happy to say. My methods are evolving and I am planning on studying the Thoth method as per the recommendation of Frater Mustafah at Bubastis Oasis, which has truly been an oasis for my wife and I.

I have been reading the Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson. As well as a lot of Hellblazer from D.C. Vertigo comics.

My wife has dedicated herself to the study of occult symbols, which makes her a formidable collaborator. My initial expectation was for my wife to take to occultism with very little enthusiasm, and am happy to be wrong. She is witch growing in beautiful power right before my eyes. Nothing could fill me with more desire, and gratitude to possess the object of my desire.

I have been experimenting with fasting. Though not enough.

I am working towards a more intense, magelike, level of self control. I talk too much, as probably most bloggers do. But I find that I tend to shoot myself in the foot by always showing my cards.

It is only among the enlightened that one can afford a free flow of dialogue it seems, sadly.

I am also planning on starting a regiment of strict mindfulness meditation and astral projection (which is a kind of intense daydreaming).

I may procrastinate a bit, I am moving 300 miles away in about a month, and this is a formidable task. My layoff is almost upon me, luckily I have resources for what seems to be a relatively easy financial tradition.

I am moving back to my American hometown. I look forward to returning to so many beloved close friends, but it has been 5 years since were separated. My long term plan is to do more art and writing and perhaps get another degree. So people can call me doctor when they insult me.

My ties to Dallas are strong. I am planning on coming back regularly to visit Thor and collaborate on art projects, and also to continue my work as an O.T.O. initiate. In fact I think it will be a good exercise of will to make these trips on a regular basis.

My long term goals (true will?) demand that I have a strong fortitude for travel. It is not good for me to be afraid of frequent road trips. And my wife is definitely tied alchemically to quicksilver, she loves travel.

So thats where I am at.

Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law. Love under will. 

  1. IAO131 says:


    Glad you seem to be keeping busy. Congrats on submitting the whatnot for Minerval, I bet you will enjoy it. Let me know what you think of the book, too.

    93 93/93

  2. mindcore says:

    The book will totally get a full blown review on this blog. I really love it. I love all the Prometheus books you use in the citations. I was a card carrying member of their parent organization CFI. I still have strong ties to it.

    In fact Prometheus might publish your stuff. You should look into it. Its not any weirder than Joe Nickell.

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