Posted: April 24, 2011 in Musick, Uncategorized

Hate Speech By ConSec

ConSec is my musical chaos magic(k) project. At least thats how I can describe it to personal satisfaction most concisely.

Think of it as a shamanic drum chant in a Cthulhu cult.

Musically you will either take to it, or think it sucks. It is definitely not comfortable back ground. I do vocals along with my wife. Its poetry. In fact I have tried to book ConSec for a poetry reading, which may still happen.

The name ConSec comes from the name of the evil corporation in Cronenberg’s awesome film Scanners.  In the film ConSec creates psychics as part of an arms manufacturing wing of their corporation.

We try to channel that vibe. We are the evil corporation, much like a band we really admire: Laibach channels the evil dictator.

We are the anti-life equation from Lord Darkseid in D.C. Comics.

We are the ultimate villain-core.

But I post this here because I definitely consider ConSec to be part of our occult work. The way these songs are made are very much part of a Bacchic drum circle. We often open our jam sessions with me giving tarot cards to each member of ConSec, sigil drawing is also a common part of the process, we are trying to channel very dark inner energies.

This song instructs you to evolve into a wolf. A concept I believe I will continue to develop as part of my current magic(k)al work.

Evolve into a wolf. 


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