Just A Quick Comment on Comments

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here recently this blog has gotten some attention, which makes me very very happy.

Everyone is welcome to comment, unless you are posting totally unrelated spam.

I am very happy to have people comment who disagree with me. But here are some tips if you want to have a productive discussion about what you have read:

1.) You may be the wisest guru to have ever walked the land with enlightenment beading from your very pores, but if I don’t know you, I have never heard of you, or read your work (which if you are such a bad ass I expect you to have published something) please qualify your arguments with points that are not just dictates from your authority. Otherwise I will be forced to assume that your argument has no points, that you are building your position from mere megalomania, and possibly miss what you are trying to share with me.

2.) I fucking hate trolling. Please don’t troll if you actually want to be helpful, it will just piss me off. When someone just insults whatever it is I am trying to do it instantly becomes extremely difficult for me to consider your argument. Insults make me defensive, as opposed to open. So far I have tried to not be this way but thoughts like: “this judgmental douchebag really has some nerve, and they must be pretty fucking dumb to not be able to make their point without being disrespectful,” pop into my mind. Perhaps some day I will be able to lovingly receive trolls into my bosom, but it hasn’t happened yet.

3.) People have rights, ideas don’t. This little guideline goes both ways. I am fully happy to have my ideas criticized, if it is done respectfully (see guideline #2). I am actually here to try to have some productive dialogue and fully expect to have my mind changed on some matters through a positive discourse. But I am no claybrain and believe my ideas are thoroughly thought through (unless I admit otherwise) and am likely to criticize ideas that are opposed. I will never make any ad hominem statements, or do weak shit like insult your technique or style unless provoked. In fact I am grateful you have shared your precious time with me by reading this blog.

If you dislike these I will probably just approve your comment so others can see it, and conserve my extremely valuable time for more productive discussions.

I am very responsive to well thought out ideas presented in a spirit of mutual respect. I am also fond of qualifying citations and to learn of the accomplishments that the commenter has under their belt which would be relevant to the discussion. I find these things very persuasive, and I actually want you to be persuasive if you are going to disagree with me.

Okay, now that I have that off my chest I feel much better.

  1. Tlakatekatl says:

    Don Skeptico,

    What’s up, bro?! It’s interesting to see your post considering that I just got back from having drinks and a wonderful discussion with a religious studies graduate student. I think he would make a great guest on your podcast, if he has the time, of course. You know how intense and time consuming grad school can be. He’s an agnostic who has beef with the “New Atheist” movement who interpret the world through a rational, with a Capital “R” (as he put it), lens, i.e. Dawkins, Hitchens etc…see link below


    He says that decisions are not as plain as right or wrong, black or white, and that math and science cannot explain the “mystery” behind our universal existence. He evoked some philosopher that I can’t recall to say that “math collapses in on itself” to rule out the theory of mathematical universality as a way of describing our physical reality.

    Although, I sort of agree with him on a certain things, like science does not have all the answers, I played devil’s advocate for the sake of arguing. It was fun. However, I do see myself as being a rationalist with a capital R that subscribes to the mathematical universalism theory.

    Anyway, maybe I can get him to hang out with us sometime and have some deep philosophical discussions about the “Great Mystery”, as the Lakota explain it, and not the Great Spirit, as it has been popularly misinterpreted..

  2. mindcore says:

    It sounds fascinating. I think Agnes and I are planning on going to Tradewinds on Friday. She is getting a tattoo that day! It would be fun to drink and bs if you have time.

    I would love to meet your friend and learn what he has to teach.

    I didn’t know the Great Spirit is really the Great Mystery, that is a bad ass and refreshing revelation.

  3. Tlakatekatl says:

    I didn’t know u still hung out at the T. I think I can make it…See u then.

  4. mindcore says:

    Hey I am going to send you my phone number on fb. That way we don’t miss each other.

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