I Have Mad Love for r/occult

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Strangely enough, this blog which was intended as a nearly a purely academic exercise is where I feel the freest to express myself out of all my projects.

Today I ordered tattoo equipment. At age 18 I apprenticed to do tattoos by Mike Peluso, who is a genius.

I stopped tattooing at 21 due to my weird religious anxieties about being a tattoo artist. Strangely enough a similar chapter of my life when I was trying to assert my will. My identity.

I had grown to hate much about tattooing as a profession because people got really generic and dumb tattoos and I was growing distracted. I am a lot older now and doubt this distraction would come to me.

Anyways, its a big day for me. It had emotional significance. Work also provided some milestones.

I was checking my post of the Tarot Reading on reddit and I got these wise responses.

It just rules that I have found a nice place for advanced discussion:

” revolved [F] 1 point 12 hours ago[-]
Thank you for sharing your way of tarot reading, I enjoyed it. I’m intrigued by your interpretation of the final position, the High Priestess. Could a reversed card mean an opposite meaning? I thought of this immediately when I saw that you wrote “It is not always necessary to act to achieve your goals. Sometimes they can be realized through a stillness that gives desire a chance to flower within the fullness of time.” As this is the final outcome, the end result position, I wonder. Could a reverse priestess in this case mean that action must be taken to get to where you want to be with your business?

EnriqueR [S] 1 point 20 seconds ago[-]
It really could be. And as synchronicty is a big part of my work, your post of this has become part of my interpretation.

witchknot [F] 2 points 11 hours ago* [-]
In ‘The Fools Journey” the story of the Major Arcanna, the Fool meets the Magician after falling from the cliff. The Magician gives the Fool the tools you see in the magician’s card, in order to aid him on his journey. The Fool doesn’t know what to do with the tools (sword, pentacle, cup and wand). The next person he meets is the High Priestess. She intuitively knows all there is to know about the Fool; so he asks for guidance in using the gifts from the Magician. She presents the Fool with the Torah. She states that the scrolls will help him in discovering how best to use his new power. By reading the scrolls, the Fool learns his true direction and achieves focus enough to continue on his path despite knowing the Priestess has deeper secrets to teach him.
It’s interesting you chose The Magician to represent yourself as this is the card that precedes the High Priestess. The reversed Priestess may indicate that your original idea of yourself as being the creator with the tools at your disposal is misguided. You could be blocking the lessons she has to teach you. These lessons are the most secretive and powerful. Invoke the energy of the Priestess and she will help you on your path to success. In this case it may be “insider knowledge” of the industry you plan on being a part of…but I hate to “project” only you know her true significance : )

EnriqueR [S] 1 point 716 milliseconds ago[-]

Your projection is accepted.
In my work, I believe the truth of magic(k) resides at least in part as a technology for dealing with chaos. Not just the chaos of chaos magic, but chaos in the sense of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, chaos that stares down the empiricism of science and can be scientifically measured. The chaos of information theory.

Your expertise on Tarot has my attention, and since I have no reason to distrust you, my reverence. The reverence I would give to a college professor or accomplished artist.
It also works nicely with the interpretation above.

The High Priestess seems to be the real meat of this reading, though I am looking at the hanged man over my altar right now to remind me of this beautiful energy.
I do have a certain inner knowledge about the High Priestess but what you and revolved have said changes my strategy.”

Sorry that I can’t figure out how to do a screen shot. Long day. But I am feeling the love.


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