At The Risk of Being Redundant

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

I try to do a significant amount of writing. But I can write more freely about certain things here.

I have been trying to write a blog for the city I live in: Dallas, for quite a while. This task has been very challenging and difficult to keep up with. This blog has a tendency to get a lot of hits when I post. When one’s blog is doing well you have to answer a lot of negative feedback. I guess you don’t have to answer it, but I do.

I am writing to interface, not to have a monologue.

My recent experiments with occult thought have proven to be a source of energy for this project. Not just this project but many others. Quite frankly, if what one is trying to invoke is the muses, than occult thought provides raw fuel for that furnace.

I have been playing, within my own thoughts with the idea of synchronicity.

I guess at its crudest Jung was saying that synchronicity was God talking to you through circumstance. Take whatever image of God you find the least offensive, fate, the True Will, Vishnu incarnate in Krishna, whatever floats your boat. And for us the atheists, of course, God must be the Universe.

The esteemed atheist author, and world renowned biologist Richard Dawkins called Pantheism ( which is basically the whole god is the universe idea) “sexed up atheism.”

Dawkins probably won me over with that statement. When arch-skeptic Michael Shermer went through the God Helmet (this will deserve its own post later), he felt he was “one with the universe.”

I like the one with the universe approach. And consciousness need not be a part of my universe except as something that crops up like acne in troublesome organisms like human beings.

But I do see that the belief in synchronicty is a source of powerful positive psychology.

I needed a big dose of that. I have a hard job, with long hours. I podcast, I blog, I am writing books and comic books. I am a busy fucker, and I need energy. Amphetamines not an option.

So I use tricks to push my brain into overdrive. Positive psychology is my guide in this approach. I use synchronicty as a way to procure a sense of destiny, though strictly speaking I believe they are mere coincidence.

New age guru Deepak Chopra refers to synchronicities as meaningful coincidences, though I have some frustration with Deepak Chopra and his dismissive attitude towards legitimate argument from skeptics, I accept this definition.

I saw one such synchronicity in this little fellow, the little bomb.

I wrote this post about it on my blog.

Perhaps there should be a rule against blogging about your other blog, but I think serious occultists are writers and artists and can be with me in this story.

I enjoyed these posts about the little bomb man in reddit. I felt a connection with the picture as an expression of the city. There is a character in the wonderful comic book The Authority .

In The Authority there is a character called Hawksmoore who’s super power is he can talk to cities. This has always been an inspiration to me.

The little bomb man made me feel like Hawksmoore. The synchronicty is a powerful one, a cool little bomb man, about to explode, but cool as ice.

Followed me from the web. Into real life.

I know this is untrue, but I am not dissuaded from creating this meaning in my life, for its powerful effect in my limbic system.

Behold all of the controversy regarding this brain concept my beloved occultists, and feel your strong place.

I love feeling heroic.

To be able to pull off the feat of my life, and I am trying to live life well. Powerfully, Doing all I can to connect and serve mankind. To be passionate. To empower myself and all those around me.

To feel heroic is a worthy task.

The little bomb man is becoming a magic(k)al symbol for me in this task.


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