Just Wrote My Best Auto Biography on Hipforums

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have joined several forums this week with the intent of promoting my internet content.

I just wrote a biography on hipforums which I thought totally nailed my whole quest in life:

Hey everyone!

My handle is Mindcore, please forgive me for gratuitously borrowing the salute of the Thelemites: the followers of Aleister Crowley. It is an awesome salute, and is basically a formula for a beatnik utopia.

I am a sci fi geek. Mostly comics, which I am getting started on writing and drawing.

I podcast.

I blog.

I am into skepticism and atheism, but I am also into religion and occultism. Hence the greeting. I take an approach that the atheists are probably right, but that its interesting to see natural reasons why so many apparently supernatural things seem to have effects. I look at this kind of thing through the lens of memetics and psychology, and occasionally some other interesting possible explanations. Most of my art feeds back into this area of interest.

I am into psychonautics and trees. Though with varying levels of interest at different chapters of my life.

But enough about me (the above pretty much covers it), I am looking forward to meeting some of you.


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