Quick Anecdote: Why Freethinkers Should Like Occultists

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Aside from the fact that the word “freethinker,” when it was first popular in the late 1800s, was used to describe atheists and New Agers. At least according to historian Tom Flynn at the Center for Inquiry.

Aside from the fact that we have a common enemy in the political abuses of mainstream religion.

Aside from the fact that we are both taking an unconventional path in our current society.

I had a conversation on reddit on r/occult An occult practitioner and I had a conversation about Crowley, the True Will, and the Holy Guardian Angel. These are all concepts that were pioneered by Aleister Crowley, who is one of the incons of the Occult, and New Age movements. He is infamous, and not always liked, but that is another post.

The True Will is your inner desire, which according to Crowley comes from an external supernatural influence, like the Christian concept of the Will of God. Though Crowley’s version is a lot cooler, and I have modified it philosophically with the help of Herr Nietzsche to have nothing to do with the supernatural. That will be a future post as well.

The Holy Guardian Angel is a being that Crowley believed was external as well, but assigned to you, and communication with this being after great training is one of the main goals of a Thelemite (follower of Crowley). I told the redditor that I was skeptical about this part, because in general I don’t believe in non-physical entities.

He cleverly pointed out that our government does with its current laws regarding corporations, in which corporations exist as individuals with rights.

I had to admit that was a pretty clever retort, at least as a way to relax have a good laugh at the discussion, and to think outside the box.


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